Anunnaki history Revealed

Adam: The Missing Link - Hardcopy
Gilgamesh 10 - Hardcopy
The ANUNNAKI Were Here! - Hardcopy
Mysteries of Alien Technology

ADAM, THE MISSING LINK, Marshall Klarfeld's groundbreaking book, blows the lid off a closely held package of historical and scientific facts proving the human race was created by genetic engineering technology nearly 250,000 years ago.


GILGAMESH 10, is based on the Epic of Gilgamesh, history's first written story, readers will be transported back in time and to a place that has never before been acknowledged. GILGAMESH 10 is a break-through read that may help explain many of the mysteries in the Bible.


THE ANUNNAKI WERE HERE, Marshall's new book contains over 95 color pictures introducing his new theory of "washboard gold mining" by the Anunnaki. This book may rank as one of the 10 Most Important Archaeological Finds of the 21st Century.

The ANUNNAKI Were Here! - downloadable e-book
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In this book, Marshall exposes structural abnormalities in many iconic sites around the world. The 170 colored pictures help prove why local populations did not build these structures. He shares ancient legends and unravels the myth of “Jason and the Golden Fleece” verifying his “washboard gold mining” theory.

Mysteries of Alien Technologies - downloadable e-book
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Special autographed 3 Book Series.